The CPS/Ca$hcard Operating Premise

The operating premise of our service is very simple:

As an agent of Ca$hcard/North America, we provide you all cash against your available bankcard credit-limit.

No one else does that.

No one else is authorized by the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA) to do so.

Getting a CPS/Ca$hcard cash advance from your bankcard is easy...

Here’s How To Do It:

  1. Print out a copy of the CPS/Ca$hcard Cash Advance Transaction Form*.
    (Your application is expedited if you’re certain to answer each required question accurately.)
    (* The Transaction Form requires the use of Adobe Reader® )
  2. Complete, sign, and date the form.   A common applicant oversight  -  so be sure to!
  3. Make two quality photocopies of your application form, both sides of your bankcard and both sides of your driver’s license or other current and in-effect government-issued photo-ID.  (For security purposes  -  the name and signature on your credit-card must match the name and signature on your government-issued ID  -  or the cash-advance will not be processed.)  ALSO:  Be sure that the bankcard is not expired.
  4. Call, email or write your CPS/Ca$hcard Agent (if more than one, contact the one nearest you).   Your Agent will give you your choice of...
    • Emailing the paperwork to the Agent (with completed application-form and photocopies attached)
    • Meeting in-person with the Agent to provide the paperwork to the Agent
    • Mailing the paperwork to the Agent
    • Faxing the paperwork to the Agent ... to transact your cash-advance.
    The CPS agent will then make appropriate arrangements to process your cash-advance based on your processing choices and directives.
  5. Once your advanced funds have cleared your card-issuing bank and transferred to your CPS agent  -  the funds will be delivered to you based on your chosen delivery method:  in person or by mail.

That’s All There Is To It!

CPS/Ca$hcard's cash-advance steps are carefully established and proven to:

  1. Provide maximum safety and security
  2. Speed your cash to you just as fast as possible!

The entire process is fast, Fast, Fast.


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