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To move forward with and expedite your credit card-based cash-advance, contact a Ca$hcard Agent from the list below. Voice-mails left for agents are immediately dispatched to them: you can expect to hear back soon.

Via US Postal Service & Courier
Colorado Professional Services
CA$HCARD/LLC 555 East Pikes Peak Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3641
Office:     719-900-4100

Via FAX:       719-900-4100

General Electronic Mail Inquiries: Inquiry[at]

Website Operational/Behavioral Matters: WebMaster[at]

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Jon Seguire Jon Seguire
Boulder Professional Services
719-900-4100 x801
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
Jackson T. "Jack" Maeschiott Jackson T. "Jack" Maeschiott
Colorado Springs Professional Services
719-900-4100 x802
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
James B. "Jim" Weaver James B. "Jim" Weaver
Denver Professional Services
719-900-4100 x803
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
Roy Stanier Roy Stanier
Northern Colorado Professional Services
719-900-4100 x804
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
Victor "Vic" Lasordia Victor "Vic" Lasordia
Pueblo Professional Services
719-900-4100 x805
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
Alphonse M. “Al” Saenz Alphonse M. “Al” Saenz
Western Colorado Professional Services
719-900-4100 x806
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100
Max Brandon Max Brandon
Managing Principal
Colorado Professional Services
719-900-4100 x800
TEXT:      719-900-4100
FAX:        719-900-4100