Cash Advance Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Colorado Professional Services for assistance with your short-term financial needs.

As a consumer, you need solid straightforward facts to make an informed decision about using an Agent of the #1 Specialty Cash Advance Service in the country.

We encourage you to take a moment to review the answers to the below questions frequently asked by new cash-advance customers.

If you have additional questions, simply contact your local Colorado Professional Services/Ca$hcard Agent.


    With Life's unexpected circumstances and unannounced variables, an increasing number of consumers are routinely covering unanticipated expenses between paydays with a cash advance from their Visa or MasterCard. Like all bankcard transactions, such a cash advance is nothing more than another personal loan or extension of credit - unsecured & un-collateralized by any of the borrower's possessions of value.

    Consumers are using such cash advances as short-term financial management tools to provide an intelligent alternative to costly bounced-checks, late-payment charges and blemished credit ratings.

    Yes - you can still seek to get a cash advance through CPS no matter what your credit situation.

    As you know - your card-issuing bank sets the limits of your credit available on your card.  Your success in obtaining a cash advance through Colorado Professional Services is determined by any bank-imposed limits in-effect at the time you seek to transact a cash advance.

    Colorado Professional Services is - first of all - readily available to help its clientele meet their cash-advance needs.   However - because a cash advance is a short-term solution to an immediate need - it is not designed, intended or recommended for repeated use in carrying an individual from one payday to the next.   Nor is it a long-term solution for ongoing and permanent personal budget management.

    Repeated or frequent use of cash advances - from CPS or anyone else - can create serious financial hardships.   Persons needing help with budgeting or debt management are encouraged to contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( at 800-388-2227.   NFCC is a national network of nonprofit Financial Care Centers dedicated to helping people learn how to budget better and use credit wisely.   One toll-free call can connect an interested party to the nearest local NFCC member affiliate. 

    Most Agents of Colorado Professional Services are available throughout the day - from 9am to 5pm or later.   Some are available earlier - and some are available later.   You should check the available hours listed on this web-site and, of course, be sure to contact your local Agent to be certain.

    Should you be in need of a cash-advance after hours, on weekends or holidays - your CPS Agent will do their best to serve your need - although service availability cannot be guaranteed.

    Someone from your locale or a distant friend or acquaintance likely introduced you to Colorado Professional Services - the local Ca$hcard service, web-site and Agent.

    If you are in need of a cash-advance from your bankcard and there is not a local Ca$hcard Agent available to service your need, please refer to the "Contact Us" page on this site.   Although Ca$hcard can and will help you long-distance - you likely understand that the extra time and distance will serve to not speed up the transaction.

    If there is not a Ca$hcard Agent in your locale - that means there's a tremendous Ca$hcard-licensed business opportunity for someone there.   Might that someone be you? To investigate the Ca$hcard Licensed Agent Business Opportunity, please refer to the "Contact Us" page on this site.

    Good News! - You already have!

    Because you've demonstrated yourself capable of properly handling credit, one of the member-banks or card-sponsors of the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA) has already issued a bank credit card to you.

    Unlike conventional store-front or online limited-ceiling (usually only a few hundred dollars - maximum) check-cashing companies - Ca$hcard does not force you to have a job, have regular minimum monthly income, or be a U.S. citizen, or not be bankrupt or not in dire credit straits, or be a minimum age or have an open checking account.
    (A checking account is, of course, necessary if you wish to have funds electronically transferred - but that's just another option you have with Colorado Professional Services).

    (One simple restriction:   Agents of Ca$hcard - like Colorado Professional Services - advance cash only to the person whose name appears on the card.   We cannot and will not advance cash to the children, friends, relatives or business associates of the card-named.)


    A cash advance is just that: a confidential short term loan in cash from another person or entity to you.

    Collateral is something of value - like an automobile or anything tangible owned outright by the borrower - used as security for payment of a debt or performance of a contract.

    While certain store-front lenders and all pawn shops most often require collateral - such as the title to your car prior to lending you money - Colorado Professional Services/Ca$hcard never does.

    By applying for and receiving your Visa or MasterCard from your issuing bank and agreeing to the terms of that arrangement, you've already established your credit-worthiness for a cash advance through Colorado Professional Services.

    Unlike store-front lenders and pawn shops - with CPS/Ca$hcard - there is no separate application, or waiting, or delays or qualifying; you've already done that.

    With CPS/Ca$hcard - you're already ready to go - right now!


    To help safeguard the all-important integrity of your bank accounts, Colorado Professional Services never seeks access to or electronic deposit/withdrawal privileges to/from your personal or business checking or savings accounts.   

    Your cash advance from CPS comes to you by means of a check from CPS to you.    You are then free to deposit or cash the check as you wish.

    You repay your cash-advance to your card-issuing bank within the terms of the bankcard agreement in existence between you and the bank.   

    This, as you know, can range anywhere from a minimum monthly amount to a pay off of the entire balance.    Neither Colorado Professional Services or Ca$hcard is at all involved in your repayment.


    If you wish to set up a regular, recurring cash advance through Colorado Professional Services, your CPS Agent will assist you with the paperwork.    This paperwork is most often handled via regular mail or, if you wish, faxing.

    Unless you are making arrangements for recurring Ca$hcard Cash Advances through Colorado Professional Services  -  you, in all likelihood, will not need access to a fax machine.
   In the event that you need a fax machine, you can likely obtain use of one at a public library, any print-shop or copy-shop (such as a Kinkos), any office-supply store or any contract US Postal Outlet  -  like Mail Boxes Etc and a UPS store.
    Before paying for faxing  -  contact your CPS Agent to be sure its really necessary.

    In a word:  the Bureaucracy.
    CPS/Ca$hcard's Transaction form fully complies with all applicable state and federal requirements.
    Because of this strict compliance, you can transact with Colorado Professional Services in confidence  -  fully assured that your CPS Cash Advance is sanctioned and approved by Federal and State Regulatory Agencies.

    (As an aside:  when you compare CPS/Ca$hcard's Transaction form to those of typical store-front lenders, you'll see that its actually quite streamlined and brief.)

    By all means:

    • Like 13,000+ nationwide bankcard issuers, Colorado Professional Services is also a 
member of NABCA - the North American BankCard Association (NABCA).
    • All transactions are written under a fidelity bond  -  backed by NABCA.

    • Operating with maximum integrity, CPS has never received a client complaint.

    Absolutely secure.

By doing only minimum qualification online  -  but actually transacting the physical funds-transfer to you in-person or via the mail  -  there is no possible way for your critical key personal information to be electronically compromised and wind up in the hands of identity thieves.

    As soon as you've submitted your PBS Cash Advance paperwork, you'll normally know within minutes if your cash advance application will go through.

    If your application should, for any reason, take longer than just a few minutes, your CPS Agent will advise you.
   Should your cash advance transaction come to be delayed (which is very unusual), your CPS Agent will keep you apprised of changes in your delayed advance transaction until you know whether or not it was approved or any approval obstacles need to be overcome.

    Please remember:   Ultimate approval of your CPS/Ca$hcard Cash Advance transaction comes from the issuer of your card  - and not Colorado Professional Services or Ca$hcard.     CPS/Ca$hcard is merely the agent by which you receive cash from your bankcard.    If the terms of the transaction meet with your satisfaction and your card-issuer approves, CPS will then expedite those funds to you.   

    Conversely  -  if you do not evidence approval of the transaction with your authenticated signature or if your card-issuer does not approve the transaction  -  the transaction process stops and is cancelled by Colorado Professional Services with neither you or your card-issuer evidencing the transaction in any way.

    Even though you receive your cash advance from and through Colorado Professional Services, the funding for your cash advance is actually provided by the bank which issued your bankcard.
   For that reason  -  your cash advance transaction will show up on your next bankcard statement (which provides for very good accounting).

    Simply choose the card from which you will be seeking to obtain a cash advance from Colorado Professional Services  -  and begin the easy & simple CPS Cash Advance application process from step one.


Unlike storefront lenders, CPS does not require you to have account affiliations with any banks.   
With Colorado Professional Services, you receive a cashable check  -  either directly from your CPS Agent  -  or through the mail at the mailing-address you provide.    (As a footnote:  CPS Agents are not authorized to carry large amounts of cash.)

    As a member of CFSA, Colorado Professional Services abides by the industry's highest Best Practices.    However  -  if you are unable or elect not to complete the transaction after beginning the application process, your card will be billed for expenses incurred attempting to process and complete your transaction.   Additionally  -  once your card-issuer posts the advanced funds to CPS's disbursement account  -  the transaction is complete and becomes non-rescindable.

    No  -  there is no need to do so.

    Because CPS is a member in good-standing of the same regulating organization as your card-issuing bank  -  the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA)  -  it is your card-issuing bank which both monitors the transnational validity of your credit-rating as well as sets the limits of your available credit.
   Thus  -  there's no troublesome delay in first obtaining a credit report or establishing a credit-rating or history prior to advancing you the requested cash.

    Absolutely private and totally confidential.

    By CPS specifically keeping your key & critical personal and financial information OFF the Internet  -  you are assured of unconditional privacy and confidentiality.

    Typically  -  no.

    Although check-cashing privileges are currently not the specialty of Colorado Professional Services, you may consult with your individual CPS agent to see if they are able to assist you with cashing a personal check.

    Ca$hcard  -  and its licensed affiliates like Colorado Professional Services  -  is a unique one-of-a-kind entity  -  and recognized elite member of the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA) in good-standing.

    Because of special one-of-a-kind contractual arrangements and exclusive agreements between NABCA and Ca$hcard, only Ca$hcard and its Licensed local Agents are able to provide Ca$hcard's unique full-credit-to-full-cash services.    Typical bankcard merchants are not licensed to do so.

  4. GETTING APPROVED (with CPS - you're probably already approved!)

    As opposed to run-of-the-mill store-front lenders, there is no waiting or mystery surrounding your CPS/Ca$hcard cash advance application:  you will know immediately.    We will directly advise you if we will be able to advance you the cash you've requested from your credit card.


Visitors to the U.S.  -  regardless of visa status or terms of presence in the U.S.   -  can secure cash advances through Ca$hcard Licensed Agents.    Simply follow the easy steps on this website.
    If questions  -  contact your CPS/Ca$hcard Agent or Ca$hcard Corporate office on the Contact Us page. 

    By all means!

    CPS/Ca$hcard does not client-discriminate on any basis  -  including occupation.
    CPS/Ca$hcard regularly transacts with both active and retired military veterans.
   The only CPS/Ca$hcard criteria for advancing you cash on your bankcard is that YOU are the named cardholder and that there is credit available on the bankcard sufficient to cover the amount you want advanced plus CPS/Ca$hcard fees.

    Cash-advancing through CPS/Ca$hcard has been designed to be just the way you like it:  very simple and very easy.

    Your CPS/Ca$hcard Cash Advance is entirely separate from all of your other transactions, loans and credit-records.
   This is part of what sets Ca$hcard and Colorado Professional Services apart from the typical store-front lender or pawnshop.

    Ca$hcard has taken the ho-hum day-to-day borrowing of store-front lenders and pawnshops  -  and elevated it to a higher, more refined and sophisticated level.    
The result?:  You benefit by easier, smoother, speedier transactions.

  5. FEES

   While there are costs of lending and overhead attached to your CPS cash advance, there is never an application fee.


    If you transact simultaneous cash advances from two or more bankcards, you earn a multi-transaction discount.

    See the CA$HCARD DISCOUNTED TRANSACTION FEE SCHEDULE and the Repeat-Borrower Discount Schedule on the Fees page.

    The fees on a Cash Advance from Colorado Professional Services will vary some from one transaction to the next.

    All fees are clearly disclosed on the "Fees" page.

    Even though Colorado Professional Services can advance you more cash than common store-front lenders and pawnshops, our fees are competitive and remain in full compliance with applicable state and Federal laws.

    Underlying the CPS business model is just the one basic operating premise:  to be the best-possible choice for short-term cash-advances.
    And as can be the case with store-front lenders  -  CPS never imposes any costly rollover fees on advances that can't be immediately repaid.  

    Instead  -  you get a nicely scheduled low monthly minimum payment on you bankcard statement.  This is one of the most popular features with CPS's clients  -  and it comes standard with every Colorado Professional Services transaction.

    No;  never.

    The fees declared on this site are as binding on Colorado Professional Services as they are on the recipient of the cash.

    We realize the Cash Advance Industry gets its share of bad press and has some shady operators who have taken advantage of unwitting borrowers.
   Unlike sometimes shady store-front lenders, Ca$hcard and its Licensed Agents (like Colorado Professional Services) operate under a fidelity bond from the North American BankCard Association (NABCA).   

    Like 13,000+ nationwide bankcard issuers, Colorado Professional Services is also a member of NABCA.
   All transactions are written under a fidelity bond  -  backed by NABCA.    
Lastly  -  CPS operates with maximum integrity.

    Additionally  -  you can have confidence in the fact that CPS cannot and will not increase fees beyond what's stated on this site.



    You can submit your CPS Cash Advance application for the full amount of credit available on your bankcard  -  less Ca$hcard's fees.

    The cash-advance amount you can receive on your bankcard through Colorado Professional Services is up to the full amount of credit you have available on the card at the moment your transaction is processed  -  less CPS fees.

    Please note that this is up to the entire amount of credit available on the card  -  and not just the available cash-advance amount.

    This means that you are able to secure a cash-advance for the entire amount of the credit available on your bankcard  -  even if the cash-advance amount is less than the cash available  -  or even if you have no cash-advance privileges on your bankcard account.


    If you transact simultaneous cash advances from two or more bankcards, you earn a multi-transaction discount.

Get in touch with your CPS Agent for details or contact Ca$hcard.  
 See the CA$HCARD DISCOUNTED TRANSACTION FEE SCHEDULE and the Repeat-Borrower Discount Schedule on the fees page.

    Thats great!

    As a reminder  -  your payback arrangements are specified in your cardholder agreement supplied to you with your bankcard by your card-issuing bank.

    Colorado Professional Services is not involved in any of your payback arrangements in any way.

    Again  -  as a reminder  -  your payback arrangements are specified in your cardholder agreement supplied to you with your bankcard by your card-issuing bank.   
It would be inappropriate for Colorado Professional Services to take up the Payback topic as we are never involved with your payback in any way.

    While a poor credit-rating or a non-existent credit-record can pose problems for you with a typical store-front lender, Colorado Professional Services is not concerned with your credit-rating/-record in any way.

    To CPS  -  you being able to authenticate yourself as the named cardholder on the signed bankcard you possess is sufficient to seek to obtain a cash advance.    Its all quite easy and very simple.

    Because of a certain earned reputation, store-front lenders are closely watched and increasingly strictly regulated by the Federal government as well as certain state agencies in the states within which they operate.

Colorado Professional Services, on the other hand, operates fully within the approved framework of and by special arrangement with the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA)  -  a self-regulating entity recognized by the Federal Reserve Board.   

    Because of the vast differences between Ca$hcard Licensees (like CPS) and typical store-front lenders  -  including how they're monitored and regulated  -  the maximum amounts that can be advanced are easily calculated:  your available credit (not just your available cash) less fees.

    Colorado Professional Services does not determine the amount of money to advance you  -  you do!

    All you do is ...   

    1. Choose the personal or business bankcard from which you wish to obtain a cash advance.
    2. Determine how much of your credit-limit (that's your entire credit limit  -  not just your usually lower cash-limit) you wish to use.
    3. Then ask:  is that the amount of money you need?   If it is  -  continue.    If not  -  set aside this card, choose an additional card, and start again at Step 1.
    4. For each card and amount you've chosen, print off and fill out a fresh transaction form.
    5. Then contact your CPS Agent  -  who will guide you through the next steps of getting the bankcard cash you need from one or more bankcards.

     (Note:  Federal and state laws generally regulate the maximum advance amount permissible.    Ca$hcard and its Licensees are leading members of the North American Bank Card Association [ NABCA], Ca$hcard is not bound by the bureaucratic restrictions of typical store-front lenders.    Because of that, Ca$hcard Licensees are able to advance you the full credit-limit available on your bankcard  -  less our competitive fees.)

    Because of a certain marginal shady trader reputation earned by dubious dealings and taking advantage of customers who can least afford it, store-front lenders have come to be under increasingly harsh and demanding strict government scrutiny and restriction.   

    They thus must comply with large numbers of requirements imposed upon them by state and Federal governments.  

    Their customers pay the price by ... 

    1. higher fees and 
    2. having to complete long and exhaustive forms.

CPS/Ca$hcard, on the other hand, is not that way:  because we operate within and as a leading member of the banking community chartered by the Federal Reserve System  -  we are not subject to the same restrictions as are common store-front lenders.

    Like CPS, all Ca$hcard Licensees have a flawless reputation in Ca$hcard's ever-increasing community of operating territories  -  a reputation built on friendly, courteous, prompt and professional customer service.
    If you have specific questions, normally a constructive conversation with your CPS Agent will answer them all and alleviate your concerns.   

    Should you have needs there beyond, you're welcome to contact Ca$hcard Corporate.

    There is no special effort required on your part.

    Because the cash advance provided you by Colorado Professional Services appears as just another transaction on your regular bankcard statement, you simply handle it like you normally do each month:  pay either the entire balance, the minimum payment-due  -  or an amount in between those two  -  whatever your budget indicates.

    Your payback schedule is determined between yourself and the terms established by the issuer of the bankcard you use.

    Colorado Professional Services is not involved with any aspect of your payback arrangements.