Cash Advance Application


  1. Please consult the most recent account statement received from your card-issuing bank or look at your available balance online or contact your card-issuing bank to ensure your card has sufficient credit available to enable the amount of your intended transaction.

  2. CAUTION!:  Know and understand that bankcard policies may mandate that attempts to process a transaction larger than the amount of credit available may result in the card being surrendered, confiscated, disabled, or inactivated.

  3. Even if you are unable or elect not to complete the transaction, your card will be billed for expenses incurred in attempting to process your transaction.

  4. Prepare for meeting us:  please be sure to bring your bank card plus two copies each of the following:
    1. Bank Card Front
    2. Bank Card Rear
    3. Current valid Government-issued photo ID
    4. The fully completed "Transaction & Contract" form that is available for download as a PDF below.

Download the application form