Has the following ever happened to you?

In these and too many other situations, your bankcard proved to be useless: in spite of your favorable credit-rating - your bankcard was unable to provide you the cash you’d earned, deserved and were entitled to when you needed it.

What a disappointment.

Now - Colorado Professional Services (CPS) is here to bridge the often-troublesome gap between you and your bankcard cash … quickly, easily - and whenever you need it.

Why A Cash Advance?

Colorado Professional Services understands that anyone can  -  and most everyone does  -  find themselves in an occasional financial bind.    It’s quite common to have to search for short-term liquidity solutions.    Government and Industry Case Studies show the typical reasons people need short-term cash-advances:

  • Keeping up with household bills
  • Unexpected car/transportation expenses
  • Unforeseen medical/health expenses
  • Paying off creditors
  • Short-notice extended weekends, vacations or other leisure activity
Why Use CPS/Ca$hcard?

CPS/Ca$hcard helps maximize your purchasing power by getting your cash to you when you need it most.    With Colorado Professional Services only a local call away, there’s never a need to wait for payday.   

CPS/Ca$hcard is your best Colorado solution for cash crunches!    We provide the best, most unique service at the lowest-possible rates with security, reliability and confidentiality.    

CPS/Ca$hcard gives you …  

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The mission of CPS, as an agent of Ca$hcard/North America, is to provide a means by which Colorado Clients can quickly and easily obtain short-term full-credit cash-advances of any size from their bankcard based on their superior credit-rating.   In dealing with our clients, CPS enhances and further extends to Clients the excellent credit-worthiness already recognized and granted them by the Lending Community at large.    Respect, integrity, confidentiality and convenience underscore every dealing of Colorado Professional Services with each of our Clients.

We understand the needs of our Clients, and maintain a consumer-friendly atmosphere Clients feel comfortable using again and again.

The financial services provided by Colorado Professional Services are known to our Clients to be focused, quick, helpful  -  and based on outstanding customer service.