About CPS/Ca$hcard

Get the cash you need - when you need it.

Colorado Professional Services/Ca$hcard is the only service authorized by the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA  -  of which 100% of recognized top-flight bankcard-issuers and bankcard-sponsors are members; the-nabca-site.com) and contractually approved to advance full credit-limit cash to holders of personal and business bank- and sponsor-issued bankcards.

All CPS/Ca$hcard transactions are handled quickly  -  with our trademark courtesy, professionalism and friendliness. 

Here's why Cash clients choose CPS/Ca$hcard

No approvals required.    Clients are using a bankcard issued to them or their business by a member of the North American Bank Card Association (NABCA).   Ca$hcard is the only agency authorized by NABCA to transact cash above any imposed cash-limit  -  right up to the card’s full available credit.

No faxing needed.   If you’ve worked with conventional storefront or online check-cashing companies, you already know that the paperwork and extra steps involved & time required on your part can be substantial.    Because Colorado Professional Services issues a check made payable to you or your business – there’s no need for you to authorize electronic access to your bank account or initially provide us with anything via fax.   We obtain all necessary identifying and qualifying information quickly and confidentially.    In order to expedite getting your cash to you  …  once funds are posted from your card to our account  -  we cut you an easy-to-cash check.    If you have a bit more time and wish to set up electronic transfers for future deposits  -  just contact your bank, complete the forms they provide you, fax them to us (see “Contact Us”) and we’ll set up e-transfers for you.

CPS/Ca$hcard leads the Cash Advance Industry in processing time.    In fact  -  over 90% of the cash we provide is quickly approved with no faxing, no phone calls, no bank contacts, no obtaining clearance from your card-issuer, and no waiting.    With CPS/Ca$hcard, you expect problem-free quick cash transactions  -  and that’s what you get.    No one matches Ca$hcard’s ability to get you problem-free cash in a hurry.

Privacy.    CPS/Ca$hcard clients never wait in time-wasting or embarrassing lines or in front of some greasy window at the neighborhood payday/check-cashing loan store or in a bank.   All transactions are done quickly and privately.    Client computer usage and Internet access are both optional.    Once your bankcard dollars arrive in CPS’s issuing account, funds are immediately disbursed and made available to you.

Security and Confidentiality.    Your personal information remains safe with CPS/Ca$hcard.   We ensure the integrity of our website through the use of industry-standard state-of-the-art Secure-Socket Layered (SSL) technology.   Plus - we comply with the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) bankcard security requirements.    With CPS/Ca$hcard, you're automatically snug & secure within the blanket of the Cash Advance Industry's tightest security policies.   

Bigger Loans.   CPS/Ca$hcard has built much of its success on long-term relationships with clients.    Nothing establishes such relationships better than being THE ONE cash-advancer willing to advance the MOST CASH.    You can get a smaller loan from us or any run-of-the-mill post-dated check-cashing typical store-front outlet or pawn shop.    BUT  -  you can ONLY get LARGE advances from CPS/Ca$hcard.

Customer Referral Program.    Refer business associates to us, give your friends our contact info, send family members our way  -  and earn fee discounts of 10%, 15%, 20% & 25% on your next four CPS/Ca$hcard cash-advances  -  then 25% thereafter.

How to get the cash you need

Use Colorado Professional Services/Ca$hcard!

CPS/Ca$hcard lets you meet your financial needs the way that no traditional bank, credit union or payday advance storefront or online service can.    By virtue of our one-of-a-kind proprietary arrangement with the North American Bank Card Association, only Ca$hcard is authorized to provide you your entire credit-card available balance in spendable Ca$h!

Ca$hcard Fees
24/7 Access


We’re available to assist you 24 hours a day  -  seven days a week.    Just pick up the phone and call us  -  and one of our friendly local or national Agents will be there to answer all of your questions.    CPS’s promise to you:  to do everything possible to help you quickly meet your immediate financial requirements!


Speed, Safety and Security

Colorado Professional Services allows customers to obtain a cash-advance in a SAFE, efficient manner.    We provide a unique service which permits you access to money  -  amounts from trivial to serious  -  fast, when you need it.


Your Credit Rating? Immaterial

Your credit-rating makes no difference to CPS.    The funds we extend you are based on your established credit with the issuer of your bankcard.    There’s never any need to wait for a credit-check report  -  or waste money on a credit-check fee.

Even bankruptcy, bounced-checks, charge-offs and other credit problems don’t prevent you from receiving a CPS/Ca$hcard cash-advance.

So  -  whether your credit is flawed or flawless, come to Ca$hcard for all your short-term cash needs.